Sunday 14 February 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 14/02/2021

 Another week of lockdown, another fall in the infection rates. As the daffodils emerge, lets hope the plague recedes and life will return to normal. Here is our round up of what we think are the week's finest tweets. There is some good stuff out there, to be sure!

1. Our tweet of the week, who thought we'd see Ice Hockey in Mill Hill. Absolutely brilliant!

2. In these times, it is great to report some good news, lets hope the recovery continues apace

3. Sadly there is some less good news to report from Hendon, if you know who is responsible, please let the Police know. I cannot imagine how I'd feel if it was a family member's grave

4. Once again Donald Lyven comes up with the goods with an amazing picture

5. It's worth a bit of cold and ice for pictures like this!

6. How could you not love this pic? RIP Mary Wilson

7. Aa very fitting memorial in Golders Green to a very decent man.

8. I'm not sure whether Samuel Levy knew the Songthrush was my favourite songbird, but he certainly took a lovely picture of one in the Totteridge Valley this week

9. I try to avoid tweets that mention the blog, but I am sure that you'll understand why I chose this one. So proud to work with St Johns on this

10. We think this is an amazing clip!

That's all folks!

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