Tuesday, 25 May 2021

How many Guitars do you need?

 A question was posed as to how many guitars one should own.

1. A first acoustic guitar that is rubbish but you keep so your kids learn
2. Your first electric guitar that is also rubbish, but you can't get rid of (Mine was a Hofner Galaxy, which I lent to me nephew and is yet to be returned!)
3. Your first proper Electric ( for me a Peavey T60)
4. Your dream guitar (My beautiful blond Strat)
5. Your back up/dodgy gig where it might get nicked smashed guitar (Mine's an Ibanez Roadster)
6. Your steel strung Acoustic guitar (Mine's a Washburn)
7. Your 12 string (Mines a Vintage)
8. Your Semi for when you decide to learn a few Jazz chords (Mine's a 1968 Fender Coronado II)
9. Your cheaper Backup Semi so that when your mates come round you don't have to give them an expensive guitar (Mine's a Vintage 335 copy)
10. Your spangly guitar you buy just in case you get a gig in a Glam Rock band (Mine's a DeArmond M-75T silver spangle that I bought on an impulse on Ebay after a night talking Bolan with Boz Boorer)
11. A Nylon strung acoustic for recordings ( I bought a cheap one from Luke Albanese in 1982 and still play it occasionally)
So if you don't have at least 11 you are not doing it properly (Pic me putting the Strat to good use)

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