Friday 21 May 2021

The Friday Joke - 21 May 2021

 It's Friday, if you've had a week like me you'll probably need a joke to cheer you up. 

Which one is the odd one out - Facebook, Google, Twitter, Bill Gates?

Answer: Bill Gates he's the only one who isn't busily acquiring every bit of information he possibly can about you. 

Yeah, I know it isn't funny but there are plenty of people who believe he is and if that isn't hilarious I don't know what is, given that he's loaded and clearly couldn't give a monkeys whethe Bridget buys her beans in Waitrose or Tescos.

As we approach the end of the Football season, all of our best footballers are figuring out how best to shaft those people (The Fans) who pay their wages and engineer a move to a team their wagepayers can't stand, I've put together a playlist of the best betrayal songs.

Secondhand Harry Kane shirt anyone?

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