Sunday, 23 May 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 23rd May 2021

 Well what a week it's been since we last looked at this. The pubs have reopened for indoor service. Live music has restarted. How has your week been? Here's what our esteemed Tweeters have been up to.

1. When the Vicar nips out for a half of Shandy, you know things are getting better!

2. This is yet another heartbreaking episode in the story of what was Church Farmhouse Museum

3. Why am I not surprised that Grahame Park Estate was designed by Barnet Council and an architect from the MOD

4. Good to see local grassroots sports getting back up to speed.

5. Well, how many times then?

6. This is one place we really must check out!

7. A little bit of Cricklewood history

8. Every so often you see a tweet that tickles you

9. Nice shot of old Edgware

10. We are so proud to see that yet another Brit award winner has Mill Hill Connections!

That's all folks!

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