Thursday 27 May 2021

How Barnet Eye guest blogger John Sullivan moved LBC's James O'Brien to tears

 Regular readers will know that I listen to Robert Elms on BBC Radio London of a morning. I was doing this, as I do every morning, when my phone buzzed. It was a message from a mate who simply said "Listen to LBC now!".  As my friend is a man of good judgement, I did just that. To my amazement, Barnet Eye guest blogger John Sullivan was talking to presenter James O'Brien. The subject? Dominic Cummings revealations about the chaotic government response to the covid pandemic. 

John and Susan in happier times

John sounded quite emotional, but he made his points well. By the time he finished, James O'Brien was in tears. After the call, I rang John. I just wanted him to know how well he'd made his case. John's daughter Susan died last year as a result of covid. John feels that Boris Johnson and Matthew Hancock failed his daughter in their duty of care to her (along with the 150,000 other 'excess deaths' that have occurred due to covid). He listened to what Dominic Cummings had to say yesterday and feels that he now has an explanation for how Susan was failed by those who's job it is to run our nation and keep people in Susan's position safe. Knowing that there was chaos at the heart of our government is no comfort. John feels that we need the public inquiry to take place now. We should not wait for the end of the pandemic, if there are lessons that could save lives now. The only reason to wait is to spare the blushes of Boris Johnson. 

I would strongly suggest that you click the link in this tweet and listen to John. 

This is what James O'Brien had to say after he spoke to John on Twitter

I will refrain from adding any further comments, as I think John says it all very eloquently. I will simply say that John says what he has to say very eloquently and I find it hard to disagree with anything he said.

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