Sunday 9 May 2021

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 9th May 2021

 As you might imagine, it's been rather busy for me over the last few weeks. I didn't produce this feature last week due to the boycott of social media against online abuse. It was quite handy as it let me focus on other things. But we are back and there are some rather nice tweets.

1. Lets start by re-affirming our faith in humanity

2. What can I say? This is excellent!

3. Yep, this made me smile

4. Just occasionally I find something like this. Excellent

5. A reminder

6. Nice to see our favourite Vicar (well one of them!) with his name up in lights (well sort of)

7. Community Focus is one of our fave local charities

8. Nice bit of local history

9. You may be interested in this

10. We started in Golders Green, so we'll finish in Golders Green. I rather like this tweet!

That's all folks

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