Saturday, 5 June 2021

The Saturday list #309 - My world tour of London list

Korean food at Whitecross St Market

London is the capital of the world. As we can't go anywhere, we have the world on our doorstep. So here is my holiday in London!

1. Lets start with Italy. A cheeky Peroni and an espresso in Bar Italia (with a custard tart) watching the world go by. There is nothing finer!

2. A little bit of Mexico at Mesito's in Euston. Thoroughly delicious!

3. Fancy a taste of Spain? Checkout Camino's for tapa at Kings Cross. It really is good

4. A bit of Aussie tucker? Whilst you are in Kings Cross Grainger and Co are well worth checking out.

5. If Chinese food is your thing, you don't need to venture further than The Good Earth in Mill Hill. But Chinatown and Gerrard St is always worth a mooch around. Everyone should check out Won Kee's at least once in their life.

6. A culinary trip to India is always a joy. I would say that Indian is probably my favourite type of food, but there are many different styles. I've probably spent more time in The Mill Hill Tandoori than any other leisure establishment over my life. It is a proper suburban Indian restaurant which does what it says on the tin. But there are other styles, I'd highly recommend the Ravi Shankar Vegetarian Indan Restaurant in Drummond St if you fancy something a bit different. 

7. And if you like Indian food, then you really should try out Nepalese cuisine. Whilst we are in the neighbourhood of Euston, The Great Nepalese in Eversholt St is a diamond. 

8. A cuisine that is much overlooked is Irish food. In Hendon we have the Claddagh Ring, which does many of the favourites such as Irish Stew and Bacon and Cabbage, all washed down with an excellent draught Guinness. 
9. Argentina is well known for its meats and grills. In Mill Hill we have El Vaquero, which is an Argentinian grill. It is somewhere to go when you are hungry. You pay a flat fee and they bring you meat until you are full. Steaks, sausages, Chicken wings, it just keeps coming.

10. And finally.... If none of the above tickle your fancy and you'd prefer Thai, Japanese, Israeli, Korean, Braazilian.....  There is amazing street food at Whitecross Street market. Located near Barbican station and with a couple of great pubs nearby, it is well worth a visit. It is somewhere I always take friends who are visiting London. There is also a great food market at Borough Market, which is the other great place to take visitors.

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