Sunday 6 June 2021

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 6th June 2021

 As things start to return to normal and we start catching up with old friends, visiting our favourite spots, there's been a marked drop in output from many of our local tweeters. But fear not, there is quality rather than quantity and there are a few that really brought a smile to my face! And as I put this together I got into a little exchange with one of our tweeters, that was the most fun I've had with my clothes on all week! Can you spot it? A free pot noodle if you can!

1. I'll start with the tweet that brought the biggest smile of all to my face this week. Regular readers will know that Paul H is a friend of mine who had a truly awful year in 2020, losing close family members and suffering serious illness. You may also recall the amazing act of kindness shown to him by Watford FC and Troy Deeney, when he was at his lowest ebb. Well this is my tweet of the week, seeing this amazing Mill Hill lad properly back on his feet. Paul has had many challenges, but has amazing resilience and is an inspiration. He's a great musician, I used to manage his band, The Sway, who did several national tours, much airplay and even featured the amazing Helen Terry on backing vocals. At the bottom of the page is one of the videos we produced for them.

2. Fancy doing your bit for our amazing community? Why not come along

3. Talking of amazing people, we are big fans of Colindale foodbank. We must arrange another collection soon.

4. We cannot ignore the fact that a young man lost his life in a stabbing. As a parent, I can think of nothing worse than losing a child. We must support these mothers and do what we need to as a community to change this. We cannot bury our heads in the sand

5. You had to be there! This tweet brought back memories that nearly made me cry with laughter. I didn't really appreciate Jingles at the time, but it was a top place

6. Top marks to Waterstones in Finchley for this one! We love a good music question, and we aren't gonna tell you the answer

7. This is my picture of the week. I genuinely thought this was a scene from the 50's or 60's when I first saw it. Then I clicked on the image. Brilliant work. It makes me want to buy some Castrol GTX even though I don't need any

8. I am highly intrigued about this matter. Does anyone have more details?

9. SOme nice local Edgware History here

10. If hardcore metal is your thing, check out this amazing live stream from Mill Hill Music Complex yesterday. Over 2,000 people have already viewed this in less than 24 hours, great work guys

That's all folk, apart from this little video I promised you way back at the start.

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