Friday 14 June 2024

Friday Fun - 14th June 2024

 Been a bit lazy with these of late. However I think the need for a laugh is as important now as ever. For this weeks Dad joke I am once again grateful to the rather wonderful Mr Robert Wilkinson. 

And on to things to do this weekend in the Borough of Barnet. I will start on Sunday and not in the Borough of Barnet, but The False Dots are playing in Camden at The Dublin Castle on Sunday night. There are three great bands playing with us. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.

The Cazales – Nice punk tinged indie rock with a cool story telling sardonic edge as evinced by their nifty Manics meets The Wedding Present psycho killer tale of a pop gem ‘She Wants You Dead’…neat vid too. These boys are down from Wrexham specially! -
Vampyra - Mixing up old school punk, punk pop, rockabilly and schlock rock to great effect with nice attitude coming thru in the female lead vocal. Hailing from the south eastern parts of Kent, the band released their debut single “Fly my Pretties Fly” in late 2023. Great stuff -
Winemom - looking pretty kooky n kool in their Stetson hats, these roots and indie hinged Dublin boy/gal troubadours have an excellent rapport with any audience they get to play in front of ...nice work, as demonstrated on new single 'Neptune's Seas' -
ANYWAY, having plugged my own gig, here are a few others that will be worth a look!

.Whatever you do, have a great weekend and COME ON ENGLAND!

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