Sunday 23 June 2024

The Sunday Reflection #16 - Are you feeling a bit flat?

 Are you feeling a bit flat this morning? I am. This is not just due to the beers last night after The False Dots gig at The Dublin Castle. In fact it's not that at all. Is it just me, or does this bloody election seem to have been going on for half of our lifetime? I hate to say this, but not a single candidate, party leader or other political sort has said a single thing that excites me. Perhaps the highlight has been watching Ed Davey falling into a lake full of sewage. Maybe we should throw them all into a lake full of sewage, with concrete boots on. Well not really, I'm not an advocate of violence and I don't wish physical harm on any of them, but honestly, they really are  an awful bunch. Rishi Sunak and the Tories. In 50 years time there will be whole textbooks written on their campaign, as the classic way to get it wrong. When they announced it, everyone was baffled as to why. Now we know, they all had a tenner on the date at Ladbrokes. Silly buggers didn't realise that the one lot you don't try it on with are the bookies. It was bad enough that Rishi disrespected the Normandy veterans, but now we know that the whole election was just a cunning ruse by a bunch of spivs to make a few grand. What's worse is that they were too thick to get their mates to do it for them, so they've all been caught. 

Then there is the new saviour, Nigel Farage, "Nigel, he's not the saviour, he's a very naughty boy!", It turns out he thinks that the reason Putin invaded Ukraine, poisoned people in the UK etc, is all our fault. He is a big admirer of the way Putin got his hands on the levers of power in Russia. Now think this through. Do we really want a PM who admires someone who gets their opponents thrown out of the 13 floor of the local hospital, who has assasinated just about everyone who has opposed him. I really don't want a leader who aspires to emulate Vlad The Impaler. If ever he gets in, don't say he didn't warn us all.

Sir Keir Starmer? If being boring and having zero charisma is a virtue, then he's the man. In truth, after Boris, a bit of boring might be nice, but the country is a mess and a bloke with no policies to address it surely cannot be the answer. 

What is hilarious is that the Tories seem to think that pretending that Sir Keir Starmer will morph into Joseph Stalin if he gets a 'supermajority' is a great way to win votes. The sad truth is that if Labour do win a massive majority, in 20 years time, as we do with Blair, we will talk about why he didn't be more radical. The idea that he will use a supermajority to pass laws insisting women have a penis or to tax roadsweepers £2,000 a year more are absurd. I am coming to the view that the best thing for the country would be a virtual Tory wipeout. It is clear that the lot running the party are totally corrupt. The betting scandal has exposed this. These are people who Rishi Sunak worked with on a daily basis and if he couldn't see what sort of people they were, then he really is very dim indeed. The Tories need a new broom and fresh ideas. Boris purged most of the sensible ones in 2019 and now the party is falling apart. Th next generation of people such as Michael Heseltine and Ken Clarke, people who see the bigger picture and are not right wing ideologues are needed. In my constuency, we have a candidate Ameet Jogia, who is one of Rishi Sunaks bag cariiers at No 10. A man who has not had a proper job in the real world. The Tory party should select candidates who have real life experience and have run businesses if they want to reconnect. Not people who have studied politics and are simply part of the machine. 

I had hoped that the football would provide some respite from these dullards kicking lumps out of each other on telly. Sadly England are playing as if managed by Sir Keir Starmer. There is no imagination and no fresh ideas. The only passes we seem to make go backwards. The few truly exciting moments have come from teams like Georgia, who throw caution to the wind and seem genuily proud to wear the shirt.

Which leaves music. We had a bit of fun last night at The Dublin Castle, our second gig there in a week. Next week, we are playing at The East Barnet festival. We'll be onstage at 5pm. I do hope that you can make it and we can raise all our spirits. Here's one of our tracks, one of my fave videos that the band have put together. 


Anonymous said...

Great, a sitting down outdoor gig! What will you be playing? Cousin Sarahx

Rog T said...

Our normal set, so Ska/Punk.