Saturday 22 June 2024

The Saturday List #445 - Eleven different instruments that have featured in recordings and gigs by the False Dots and who played them

Last year, a brand new member joined The False Dots! Master Trumpeter Tom Hammond was our first new member in fourteen years! Tom posted the following on Facebook yesterday -

 Following recent releases from Slash Fiction and Express Office Portico, the total number of artists/bands that have songs out featuring myself (Trumpet Tom) has reached 14. So I know what everyone is thinking... how many songs do you play in with each of these artists?
Well I'm glad you asked because I just created a pie chart. Here it is.
If you want to know more, here's a playlist. More songs have already been recorded and are out soon!
Check out Tom's playlist here, there is some brilliant music here.

This post got me thinking. Just how many instruments have featured on False Dots recordings and at gigs and reherasals over the years? I had a look through and the list is really quite amazing. I'd never realised that we'd actually featured eleven distinct musical instruments etc. I've not included vocalists here, as I think band members needed a little bit of spotlight

So here we go

1 Drums  - Dave Edwards, Deb, Paul Marvin, Dav Davies, Dave Williams,  Mark Barnet, Bill Lucas, Adam Francis, Graham Ramsey, Tony Cavaye, Carl Myers, Romi

2 Bass Guitar - Pete Conway, Paul Hircombe, Roger Tichborne, Doug Witney, Andy, Adi Denton, Fil Ross

3 Guitar - Roger Tichborne, Mandy Spokes, PauL Hircombe, Craigh Withecombe, Pete Trayling, Dave Peters, Neil Cox, Tony Robotham, Fil Ross, Boz Boorer, Huw Lloyd Langton

4 Keyboards - Roger Tichborne, Chris Potts, Fil Ross, Boz Boorer, Tony Robotham

5 Saxophone - Dermot Fanning, Mark McQuillan, Lee Thompson, Paul Amsterdam, Boz Boorer

6 Harmonica - Tony Cavaye

7 Trumpet - Millie, Tom Hammond

8 Theramin - Boz Boorer

9 Clarinet - Boz Boorer

10. Bongos, Congas & Percussion - Roger Tichborne, Fil Ross, Tony Cavaye, Romi, Gavin Sorochan, Graham Ramsey

11.  Triangle - Colin Mulberg

------The False Dots are playing tonight at The Dubin Castle party celebrating 50 years of Charly Records. We will be onstage at 8.45pm. Please come down if you can. Of course, we were chosen because We all love a party!

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