Monday, 12 December 2011

Barnet goes Bang ! Parking pops the baloon

I had a deluge of emails over the weekend. The sunject? Parking. It seems that there is a feeling that since the switch to mobile parking, people feel that wardens are indulging in what can only be described as "predatory practices". The council are meant to work for the people of Barnet, not live parasitically sucking money out of us by any means. My advice? If you feel you have been unfairly treated, appeal against the ticket and write to your local councillor.Don't just take it. Tell your councillor that unless they sort it out, you will never vote for them again. Hit them where it hurts. In the pocket.


Mr Mustard said...

and the more people that appeal Roger, the more appeals will be won because Barnet Council won't be able to cope and will just have to cancel some tickets that run out of time.

If you are unhappy with your ticket send an email to: and and to your local councillors ( find them on the Barnet Council website )
and demand action.

If the ticket was wrongly issued ask for an apology and £100 for your wasted time. If you don't get a reply in 7 days then email again and do so every week until you get satisfaction. If their inboxes get full, never mind. said...

Link to your website at!%20Hendon%20Brent%20St%20more%20expensive%20than%20St%20Johns%20Wood%20High%20Street

regarding parking in Barnet. Keep up the good work.