Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Has Robert Rams woken up to the fact that Barnet Tories are arrogant and incompetent

A post by Councillor Robert Rams on his blog recently caused much myrth amongst the Barnet blogger - http://robertrams.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/new-website-new-approach/ - especially this statement
Barnet has nothing to hide, so I’m very keen that we make as much information about the council as easy to access as possible and the new website is the ideal vehicle to deliver on this transparency agenda.
Having seen his comments about Brian Coleman, maybe it's time we reevaluated Rams comments and attitude. Is it possible that maybe we misjudged Rams. Undoubtedly his early career at Barnet was shaped by his mentor Brian Coleman. When he initially launched the Barnet library closure program last year, he did so with an avalanche of Colemanesque bluster and stupid pronouncement. The community reacted furiously. To give Rams credit, he rethought his plans, cut the stupid statements and delivered a proposal far less damaging than expected, and far better than many London Boroughs. In short he took on board some of the criticism.

His latest Twitter comments disassociating himself with Coleman mark a further stage in his development. In his job at the GLA he deals with serious and professional Tory politicians such as Roger Evans, James Cleverly and Kit Malthouse. You may not agree with these guys, but they are undoubtedly of a far higher calibre than any of their Barnet colleagues. Both Evans and Cleverly write interesting and intelligent blogs, which are worth a read - http://city-hall.blogspot.com/ and  http://jamescleverly.blogspot.com/ are examples of what we should expect from our GLA reps for our £50 K a year we pay.

I wonder whether Rams has twigged the fact that he's lumbered with a bunch of rank amatuers in Barnet and if he ever wants to get on, he'd better get the situation sorted. As far as I'm aware, he's the only Barnet Tory to break ranks on Coleman and his behaviour. I've been pretty harsh on Rams, very deservedly. I do however think there are signs that he may be growing up politically and this can only be good for Barnet.

Lets hope that this is the case for the good of our services and pockets.


Mr Mustard said...

I have been wondering about Robert Rams as well Roger. He seems to be trying to cut himself loose a little ( Cat Hill for example ) and he retweets my blog feeds even when they are critical of him which says a lot for his preparedness to accept criticism (I hope that is the reason) and he has a sense of humour.

He hasn't though posted Mrs Angry's comments on his latest blog, which he always likes to have the last word on and he hasn't actually risked anything yet. I wonder if the "Leader" ( in inverted commas because not showing leadership on the parking meters issue ) might throw in the towel and then we might see a new candidate appearing?

Rog T said...

Rome wasn't built in a day. Any Tory with at least a quart of wit would not totally discount another leadership battle sooner rather than later

baarnett said...

So does Cllr Rams have a "constituency" of councillors who would back him, in any bid?

Morris Hickey said...

In his role as lackey for the Tory group at City Hall Rams is an arrogant bully.