Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Brian Coleman - GLA Deselection rumours abound

The blogosphere was alight with rumours that the Conservatives are set to dump Brian Coleman as GLA candidate for Barnet and Camden. An unconfirmed report reaches us that Coleman was heard muttering to Robert Rams (his GLA bag carrier) "Et tu Brutus". Another rumour says that it is seen as the only way to shut the bloggers up.

The Barnet Eye believes none of it.


Mr Mustard said...

Well he certainly ins't sleeping well Roger. I got a read receipt from him at 04.49 which is unusual in itself because he always used to delete my emails unread so it looks like Brian is working 24hours a day on behalf of his residents.

baarnett said...

No, Brian works 25-hours-a-day for his residents. He needs to, with so many jobs. Thank goodness he receives allowances for them all.

Morris Hickey said...

The most telling form of deselection is at the ballot box.