Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Cheese shops hit by Barnet Parking changes !

In the 2010 elections, Tory candidate Matthew Offord (now MP) said he wanted Barnet to be the type of place where it was good to start a small business. He told one resident that he looked forward to the day when the policies of the local Conservatives would lead to the opening of a cheese shop in Mill Hill Broadway. The implication was that the Conservatives cared about the shopkeepers in the local high streets.

All local trade organisations are in uproar at the parking changes. Some traders report a 35% drop in trade. Shoppers have deserted the High Street in droves. Have we heard a peep from Mr Offord? Has he stuck up for local traders against the Council? Has he delivered on his promise?

One small trader told me that he'd never vote Tory again yesterday. He said that if he sold a product in the way Offord sold his campaign, he'd be prosecuted under the trades descriptions act.  He said Offord told him that his door was always open, if there was any problems. Since the election, he's seen nothing and heard nothing,despite repeated attempts to get in touch. Sadly with politicians, there is a no money back guarantee. We are lumbered with Offord and his Tory Councillor cronies until the next election. Whilst Offord promised cheese shops galore, all him and his mates have done is landed us in the soup.

Just to show how committed the Hendon Conservatives are to the local shops and businesses, here is a link to their own on line shop


It is bad enough that they are seeking to shaft the local shop owners with parking charges, without actually trying to undercut them and nick their trade. Oddly Offord hasn't got a cheese portal on his shop


baarnett said...

The Cheese Shop would, presumably be next to Mr Offord's very own Soup Shop, where carrot and corriander tankers would drive up every day to replenish his soup tanks, with the drivers desperately trying to pay for their parking at the nearest PayPoint location.

A colleague has recently been speaking to Barnet Planning department. They are "30-40% understaffed" and are obviously totally demoralised. (That is not to criticise the entirely professional service).

So try and avoid wanting to build a conservatory or submit plans for a sold-off council library for the immediate future.

This presumably demonstrates that council officers, not unreasonably, are well aware of the jagged rocks that the SS Barnet is heading for, and some at least jump ship to other local authorities if they can.

askmikefreer said...

Not really supporting local retailers are they, don't shop local, use their list and they get a commission for their "cause"