Wednesday, 7 December 2011

BarnetEye TV - Barnet Tories turn on Councillor Brian Coleman for costing the Council money

Last night we saw another sign that the Barnet Conservatives have finally run out of patience with Brian Coleman, his antics, his slapdash approach to the job and the contempt with which he treats his colleagues. Senior Councillor and former MP John Marshall berates Coleman for not bothering to turn up for a Budget and Performance Overview and Scrutiny Committee Meeting and asks the Leader of the Council, Richard Cornelius to take action to sort him out.

Councillor Marshall clearly states that Colemans slapdash approach is costing the Taxpayer money. He quite rightly states that he'd rather see money be spent on education and schools under Andrew Harper, than given to the North West London Waste authority because Coleman can't be bothered to sort out the problems in his portfolio. It is clear that he thinks Coleman is not doing the job. Brian Coleman earns approx £120,000 from the public purse for doing his various part time jobs. He clearly isn't doing them very well. His colleagues are clearly sick of him, residents inconvenienced by the botched abolition of pay and display are sick of him, traders who are losing money because he's driven trade from the high streets are sick of him. It is time for Brian Coleman to go. Richard Cornelius must listen to the wise advice from his senior colleague and "take action" to sort Brian Coleman out.


baarnett said...

It's a bit like the Eurozone, in terms of lack of leadership, isn't it?

That outfit negotiates at the speed of the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648.

OUR councillors have one leadership election a year, which is thought enough, when anyone Conservative councillor with a brain-cell ought to raise the stakes NOW, and get some blood on the floor, as useless political "leaders" are made to fall on their swords.

baarnett said...

Is Cllr Rams after the top job? Would he be able to get it?

Rog T said...

I doubt Rams would share his intentions with me. I suppose that if they want an even worse leader, he'd be the ideal choice. I had hoped that as RC had experience of running a small business, he'd be a good choice. Sadly the parking fiasco has exposed him as rather ineffective. I think Shooter is the only one with any gumption and sense, who might stand, but I think that's exactly why they won't choose him

baarnett said...

Roger: Your last sentence in that last comment of yours says it all about Barnet.

It's been a few days since DCMD has made a comment.

His comments are always very useful, because he can find out what is happening inside the party. They are also always a few days after his announcements that he is stopping blogging and commenting, FOR EVER.

I expect another one very soon.

Morris Hickey said...

Councillor Rams - is he the dictatorial plonker employed by the Tory group at City Hall?

limo in long island said...

great ideas – I am so behind on my lists.. thanks for sharing friends