Friday, 2 December 2011

The Friday Joke, the Buddist, the Baptist and the BNP - 2/12/2011

A plane is flying along with three passengers. One is a Buddist, One is a Baptist and one belongs to the BNP. The Pilot suddenly runs through the cabin and says "The plane is out of fuel, we're going to crash in ten minutes, there's a parachute for me and a spare, Bye" and jumps out of the plane, throwing a parachute pack to the floor.

The Old Buddhist, says "I'm an old man. I'm a buddist, I believe in reincarnation, my time has come, one of you younger men should have the parachute".

The Baptist says "I am a Baptist. I believe in the power of the Lord. I believe in the glorious kingdom, you have it".

The BNP member says "Well, I'm in the BNP and I believe that only the strong survive". He picks up the haversack and jumps out of the plane.

The Baptist says "I will say a prayer now to Jesus". The Buddist replies "Well you could do, or you could put that parachute on over there and save yourself. The BNP bloke just nicked my rucksack with my lunch in".


Mrs Angry said...

if he had ten minutes worth of fuel, why didn't make an emergency landing? Lateral thinking, see.

I may have missed the point, I realise.

Rog T said...

Because he was twenty minutes away from the nearest airport.