Sunday, 18 December 2011

Xmas Special : What is the point of organised religion?

I'm an engineer. I'm pretty practical about how I deal with problems and pretty scientific in how I analyse things. Regular readers will know that I'm a Roman Catholic (albeit a rather bad one at times). I often get emails asking me all manner of questions about what I believe and why I believe what I do. I am of the school of thought that faith is a private matter in many ways and as we are all on different journeys, I have no issue at all with whatever other people think. I don't believe any or no belief system should be forced down peoples throats and I respect all people who believe in peace, honesty decency, brotherhood (and sisterhood) of the human race. So I'm not going to give anyone a lecture today. I am just going to answer the question I posed in the title, for the simple reason that I got a very straightforward and practical answer to the question today.

One of our parish charities is "The Passage" - - a charity that helps homeless people in London. If I hadn't have gone to mass this morning, I wouldn't have picked up the newsletter which told me that they need people to help in the kitchens with breakfast and lunch. I wouldn't have found out that I could email and offered my services to help. And if I didn't do that, someone who has had worse luck than me, might not have got a breakfast served this week as we run up to Christmas.

So if you can spare a few hours to help 7.30 - 10 am or 11.30 - 2pm In the next few weeks with Breakfast or Lunch, give it a thought. The number for the passage is 020 7592 1863 ext 231 for Emma who is the volunteering co-ordinator.

London has a homelessness crisis. This time of year, it is harsh and cold. My son's football was called off this morning, because of ice. Imagine what it is like to have to sleep in that.

Whether or not like me you attend some sort of religious service or not, we can all help. I'm glad I get the chance to get reminded that there are people in our city who need a bit of help. That is reason enough for me.

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