Sunday, 18 December 2011

Brian Coleman - The Grinch who stole Christmas (for local shopkeepers)

Brent Cross Shopping Centre Capitalise on Brian Colemans Parking Policy
Do you live in the London Borough of Barnet? Do you celebrate Christmas? If the answer to the two questions are yes and yes, have you bought any presents in local shops on our High Streets? It seems that this year over 30% less people have. Why? Because Councillor Brian Coleman, Conservative candidate for the GLA chose the run up to Christmas to abolish Pay and Display parking. In this weeks Jewish News, Councillor Brian Gordon, a long term cronie of Coleman stated that all 38 Tory Councillors are equally to blame. I've spoken to a couple of Tory Councillors who are livid with Councillor Gordon, because they told me they opposed the move and their views were ignored by Brian Coleman, who has the authority to push it through as cabinet member. Sadly none have had the balls to go public and put on record their opposition.

Lodge Lane Car Park lies virtually empty on first Saturday in December

One local trader who I know yesterday described Coleman as "The grinch who stole Christmas". In the coming year, I predict many small shops will cease trading. The boarded up shops will be a testament to Coleman and his incompetence. Sadly as it's peoples livelyhoods which are being destroyed, this is
not just a "policy debate". I wonder how many will be wishing Councillor Coleman a merry Christmas.

If you support your local traders, please sign this now

 And for those of you who are interested, I found this entry in Brian Colemans gifts and hospitality register, purely coincidental I'm Sure

04-JUL-11 Lunch at the Haven, High Street   Whetstone, N20Mr Tom Nathan Managing Director - Brent Cross Shopping Centre

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Mrs Angry said...

Today is a day of interesting footnotes with a gallic twist. Mrs Angry notes with amusement that the Brent X billboard with the positive message about free parking displays the name of JCDecaux, a company not unknown to Brian Coleman. M Pierre Jeanjean of Decaux I believe has kindly taken our starving Cabinet member and GLA member out for lunch at least once, in June, at a chophouse, unless I am very much mistaken. Decaux are rumoured to have wanted to have run the Boris bike scheme, as they do with a similar one in Paris, but sadly it was not possible for reasons to do with the limits on advertising or some such problem.

baarnett said...

JCDecaux is proud to have a long association with the borough. In Lib-Lab days it helped to set up public internet access in the street.

The trial scheme in Barnet featured "three kiosks designed and developed by JCDecaux, and integrated into street furniture such as bus shelters and columns to minimise street clutter. The kiosks are located in the centres of Edgware, Chipping Barnet and North Finchley, and allow local residents completely free broadband 24-hour access to the Internet. This access is screened, with certain subjects restricted to ensure that residents are not subjected to anything unpleasant."
(Currently, access to Barnet's Audit Committee minutes, and to Soupman Offord's blog site would be barred, presumably.)

"Commenting on the installation, JCDecaux's Head of City Relations Karen Smith said: We are delighted by the success of the interactive kiosk pilot scheme. It is an excellent development in our successful partnership with the London Borough of Barnet."

Morris Hickey said...

So not only is the parasite kept at public expense rather than doing a genuine job of work, the smelly fat toad also secures his sustinence by freebies.