Monday, 12 December 2011

Child safety risks in Barnet's Events in Parks in Lyttelton Playing Fields

We got the following email from a Barnet Eye reader. As ever, we are  always pleased to help publicise matters of local interest. This most certainly is.
A petition has just been been set up to stop Barnets plans for Events in Parks in Lyttelton Playing Fields,Barnet, due to obvious child safety risks as well as other significant effects on park users, local residents and wild life.

 the url is:
We'd be very grateful for any publicity you could give the petition!
Many thanks!


askmikefreer said...

It is not just Lyttleton Park, it is all parks.

There is no guaranttee offered over the frequency or duration of events. Nothing about event security following 499 drunk revellers leaving a venue, nor how the exclusion of residents to the areas will be managed (private security firm or event organisers hard looking mates?).


baarnett said...

askmikefreer: Don't worry - Metpro will do the security!