Monday, 19 December 2011

Pensioners make fighting fund for solicitor to stop cuts to sheltered housing & care homes

 Barnet Eye Guest Blogger Linda Edwards requested that the Barnet Eye post this Notice. We are happy to oblige. There is also a short message from Linda after the press release text
Solicitor Yvonne Hossack who helped the disabled and elderly by preventing the closure of 80 care homes was refused legal aid to prevent the removal of Sheltered Housing Wardens from Sheltered Housing Schemes. 

Yvonne fought a high profile legal battle to prevent Barnet and Portsmouth Council removing Wardens from their boroughs.   If removed it would leave the elderly and most vulnerable at risk.   In December 2009 Barnet and Portsmouth City Council had dropped their appeals against a high court Judges decision giving Yvonne and the elderly a great victory.   
Earlier this year the Legal Services Commission made the decision to block Yvonne’s application for a legal aid contract, because of a minor typo error on the form.
The Commission saw the error and blocked the application stating that it would be unfair on everyone who had filled in the form correctly if they were to allow Yvonne to amend it.   What the Commission didn't tell Yvonne was that 795 other firms had also made mistakes, but they had been allowed to correct their mistakes and had subsequently been given legal aid contracts.

Is there a conspiracy to stop Yvonne helping the elderly?

Is David Cameron deliberately trying to prevent his policies and council policies from being challenged in court?

David Young the chair of the UK Pensioners strategy committee said
“We know what Cameron’s trying to do; we may be old but we’re not stupid.  We’re calling upon the elderly, the young and the disabled across the United Kingdom to support a fighting fund, which was set up to help Yvonne continue her legal battles to save  sheltered housing and care homes for pensioners and for our children who will need them in the future.   Considering the efforts and sacrifices she has made for us I think it is absolutely vital that we support her in any way we can. ”

Please make a donation for the fighting fund to
‘Hossacks Equality Law Principles’

HSBC BANK PLC: Sort code 40 32 04
Account number: 41580663

Or send postal orders or cheques payable to
‘Hossacks Equality Law Principles’ to

Mrs Mary Clarke-Bake, Treasurer of Hossacks Equality Law Principles
          8 York Street, Market Harborough LeicestershireLE16 7PF

For more information telephone:  Norman Adams 078 439 302 19
Message from Linda Edwards,

As a recent guest blogger on barneteye (concerned carer), I would appreciate any support for this campaign.  Yvonne Hossacks has been the one person who used her legal expertise and deep sense of injustice, to work with the system to make necessary changes for vulnerable people.  For all the people that she has helped, including people in sheltered housing and care homes, supported living and living alone, thank you for all you have done for us all, including my daughter.  Your input and involvement has been greatly instrumental in finding resolutions for my daughter and making changes for her quality of life and for many people all over UK.  Your involvement has been invaluable in making a huge difference to how my daughter has “been heard” by LBB Adult Social Care and Health.  If only Yvonne's support, skills and expertise wasn't needed!  It shouldn't be if the "Care System" that has been set up to work on behalf of vulnerable people had not betrayed us!

Linda Edwards
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Jaybird said...

Just to say that there are many solicitors who work in this field. It is not true to say Yvonne Hossacks stands alone. She was instructed on this case, but Bindmans, Leigh Day & Co, Irwin Mitchell are amongst a number of firms who work in this area.