Monday, 5 December 2011

Is this the next Barnet scandal? Another Metpro only bigger?

Lord Mustard of Barnet, Barnets greatest superblogger and scourge of Councillor Daniel Thomas and the FOI department, friend of the ICO will today at 9am post a blog detailing what could be the next big scandal to hit Barnet Council. I have seen and advanced copy of his blog and it is dynamite. Lord Palmer, head of the Audit committee look set to be kept rather busy. I advise all who are interested in openness and transparency to check Lord Mustards blog (link in the sidebar on the right of the page) after 9am.

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Mr Mustard said...

I might well be the scourge of Barnet Council management and some councillors Roger but not the FOI section with whom I generally get on well and keep in jobs!