Saturday, 31 March 2012

Brian Coleman and looking for sex in all the wrong places !

Regular readers of this blog will know that I keep a close eye on my blog stats and what people are searching for when they find the Barnet Eye. This morning, I was rather surprised to know thatthe Barnet Eye has an extremely high ranking on Google for people who type in "Looking For Sex". we are actually on page 2. It points to this blog - - which details how Brian Coleman (see this article - went looking for sexual activity at Scratchwoods (purely in his capacity as Borough Safety officer with a team of Policemen -  I hasten to add). Now what is interesting is that the Google preview about the blog on the search screen says :-
Brian Coleman looking for sex at Scratchwoods. Locals watching QI this week will have been intrigued to find out that HMS Belfast, the
Which means that whoever hit upon the blog was looking for sex and clearly was intrigued by the fact that Brian Coleman was mentioned in regards to Scratchwoods, a local "dogging" hotspot? It begs the question as to whether this secret community are big fans of Brian? I've always wondered who the armies of people who have repeatedly voted him in at the GLA elections are. Is this community being given preferential treatment. Scratchwoods is one of the very few Barnet Council Car parks which is still free of charge. Whilst High Street small businesses and cafe's come under the cosh of outrageous parking charges, the doggers of Barnet seemingly get off scott free. Why is it that this is seemingly the only pleasure you can enjoy in Barnet, where there is not some hidden stealth tax? Now I'm not calling for Brian Coleman to institue a "Dogger Tax" or even to charge to park at Scratchwoods. Far from it. I believe that Parking charges should only be used for the purpose for which they are designed. That is to regulate the flow of traffic. Sadly under Brian Coleman, we have rip off Barnet, where the motorist is fleeced at every turn. Every time parking has been discussed in Council, the issue of revenue is raised. Considering that it is technically illegal to use parking charges as an income stream, this is disgusting.

As to the dogging activities at Scratchwoods, I have a pretty relaxed view as to what people should and shouldn't get up to in their spare time. Having said that, it is a shame that Scratchwoods is no longer a place I'd feel comfortable taking my children and dog for a walk on a Sunday afternoon, due to the various adult activities taking place in broad daylight.In a free society it is hard to regulate, if adults are not prepared to give consideration to the wider community. What is worse is the debris left by casual sexual encounters. Is it too much to ask for people to clean up their mess and put it in the bins provided. Is it too much to ask people to restrict their activities to times when children are not likely to be in the area? Perhaps the worst thing for me was the fact that Barnet Council engaged in a pseudo paramilitary operation to prevent the Iranian community from having picnics on their Holy days in the park (a policy first started under Brian Colemans time as Cabinet member for Community Safety AKA Borough Safety Officer), but do nothing at all about selfish people who make the park a no go area for families during the middle of the day. What sort of strange double standard is this?

Apologies to anyone who arrived at this blog expecting salacious stories of spicy goings on.


Mrs Angry said...

hmm. I get lots of similar hits, but this is my fault for writing about Brian's inclusion of Scratchwoods on the list of parks and openspaces that he wants to pimp out for private hire. I did actually ask about this at a Residents Forum, putting the question about dogging in as a protest really, as my other perfectly serious questions were refused by the new council censorship rules. To my amazement, the dogging question was deemed ok. I asked if Coleman was aware that Scratchwoods was a venue for the Barnet dogging community, and if he really thought this made it a suitable location for weddings, barmitzvahs or even corporate events. I can't tell you the fun I had following up this question at the meeting,presssing the point about whether or not the Cabinet member had been asked - except that I disgraced myself my laughing like a school girl, and not being able to finish the sentence.

Morris Hickey said...

I'm a bit worried, Mrs Angry, about your apparent fscination with "dogging". Not first-hand experience I hope? Could ruin the reputation of a young lady like you. And what would your great friend Roger Evans say about it if he knew?

Tut, tut!

Mrs Angry said...

hello Morris: hmm, no, in my view sex, like football or dancing, is something you should do, not watch ... but don't tell Roger Evans, he might lose interest ...

Morris Hickey said...

I don't think you've anything to worry about so long as he continues to wear braaarn boots with a dark blue suit.