Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Top 10 London politicians

I thought I'd compile a list of the top 10 most influential politicians in London. This isn't a list of who I like, but who I think actually has a degree of effective power. I've excluded politicians on the national stage

1. Boris Johnson

2. Brian Coleman (head of LFEPA and de facto leader of Barnet Conservatives)

3. Ken Livingstone

4.  Lufter Rahman (Mayor of Tower Hamlets)

5. James Cleverly (Tory GLA Leader, Dustman in chief for London as Head of London Waste & Recycling Board)

6. Stephen Carr (Leader of Bromley Council)

7. Kit Malthouse - (Deputy mayor for policing, GLA Member, Deputy Leader Westminster Council)

8. Jeanette Arnold (Chair of the GLA)

9. Jenny Jones (GLA Member, Green Mayoral Candidate)

10. Cllr Anne John OBE (Leader of Brent Council)

The key word in my choice is "influential". These people mostly have influence far beyond their actual powers. For instance, whilst Jenny Jones has zero real power, she is able to exert a significant amount of influence over decision making and is also responsible for development of the Green movement in London.

People like Ann John in Brent have a long and distinguished record in Local Government, which in her case has been recognised with an OBE.

I also took into account whether people made good positive role models (although in one case I'd say the opposite was true). I also felt that people who were "game changers" deserved a slightly higher ranking. Please feel free to comment or add your own suggestions.

Please be assurred that inclusion on the list is not an endorsement for any of them, it is just a bit of fun really.

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Morris Hickey said...

I am sorry to disagree with you Rog, but I simply cannot regard James Cleverly as influential. If he were then by now he would have Bwian Coleperson on a very tight rein or, more appropriately perhaps, would have sacked him from the posts that he holds at City Hall.

He would also have investigated thoroughly a complaint against Roger Evans rather than simply having done nothing except arrange for a City Hall flunky to inform the complainant that no response would be sent.

In my view the Tories at City Hall appear to be arrogant, incompetent, and discourteous; interested only in two types of drawing - their breath and their cash allowances.

Kick out the lot of them - but particularly Coleperson and Evans.