Friday, 9 March 2012

Barnet & Camden GLA rep Brian Coleman creates 28 new jobs - in Croydon !

Yesterday the Deputy Leader of Barnet Council, Daniel Thomas issued a grovelling apology to the people of Barnet for totally misleading them about the effect of the outsourcing of parking control in the London Borough of Barnet to NSL. Having previously claimed that there would be no redundancies following the decision to move the contract to Croydon based NSL, Thomas had to issue the following statement.
"I have to apologise to staff, the statement was prepared quickly and officers did not check with HR before issuing it. 
(the full story can be read here) -

It beggars belief that the Deputy Leader of the Council could issue statements without checking the facts. Thomas was forced to issue the statement, only when it became clear he'd been telling whoppers. You would think that a man who is so totally discredited, would consider his position, if his boss Councillor Richard Cornelius isn't considering it for him. This wasn't some minor little technicality. Thomas issued the statement claiming no jobs would be lost in the middle of an industrial dispute about redundancies, with the express aim of misleading staff and undermining the dispute.

Whilst I am stunned at the fact that a senior member of the cabinet could be so "splapdash" (let's give him the benefit of doubt about it), the real culprit in the story gets away without so much as a mention. This is, of course, Councillor Brian Coleman. It was Coleman who championed the policy of outsourcing the parking contract. A man who is the GLA rep for Barnet and Camden has created 28 jobs in the London Borough of Croydon. At a time of economic despair, he has exported them from Barnet, leaving staff to pick up the pieces. What sort of economic illiteracy removes jobs from Barnet at a time when the economy is reeling. It is widely accepted that for every public sector job destroyed, up to five other jobs elsewhere will also be lost as local shops and businesses see their takings diminish. Of course, Croydon will be booming. I sincerely hope that every resident of Croydon is grateful to Councillor Brian Coleman for his largess with the tax receipts of Barnet Council, in creating a mini boom for them.

In one way though, Daniel Thomas has at least shown Brian Coleman a good example. He has apologised for his behaviour. Something Coleman seems to find impossible.

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askmikefreer said...

Let us not forget when and why this was said by Cllr Danial Thomas...

It was during the strike, it was in order to condemn those striking and get the public on his side.

“As I've said before, we are committed to providing high quality services at the lowest possible cost to the council taxpayer."

"Any staff who move as part of the restructure will remain in the local government pension scheme, keep the same level of pay and have a job guaranteed for 12 months at the very least from their move."

"I'm sure many of our residents would envy that level of certainty in the current financial climate."

One thing i am sure of, many more residents would envy the position of Daniel Thomas keeps his allowance after this.