Thursday 29 March 2012

Oh Dear Boris, this is a bit embarrassing, isn't it?

As I returned from my morning shift at the Passage, a day centre for the homeless this morning, I was greeted with the sight of hundreds of discarded Back Boris leaflets at Mill Hill Broadway Station. The local Conservatives had clearly been out leafletting. Out of curiosity I picked one up. Those of us who remember the last mayoral election in 2008, recall Boris promisiing to be a Mayor for all London and not neglect the outer Boroughs such as London. So how did this work out? What has Boris done for Barnet? I expected a leaflet packed to the hilt with details of goodies that good old Boris has showered on us. So what great things has Boris done for Barnet? How has he been a Mayor for the outer boroughs?

Sadly it seems that Boris has actually done B*gger all for Barnet. If the examples on the leaflet are anything to go by, he's completely forgotten us. Here are a list of the the things he says he's delivered "for Barnet"

Scrapped £25 tax on large vehicles - This is a London wide policy
Extended Freedom pass to 24 Hours - This is a London wide policy
Cut Mayors Share of the Council Tax -  - This is a London wide policy
Scrapped the Western Congestion Zone - This affects central London and is nowhere near Barnet
Scrapped Bendy Buses - None ran in Barnet
Delivered a 14.8% cut in Bus Crime - No mention of the 10% rise in street robbery and mobile phone theft (a direct result of Brian Colemans parking policies and a far greater figure than the tiny number of bus crimes)
Taken 11,000 knives off the streets of London - - This is a London wide policy
Added 1 new bus route - Well that is something, I suppose
Planted 88 new trees -  Less than 1 a year per Council ward not very impressive
Frozen the Mayors Council tax -  - This is a London wide policy

It is interesting to see that Brian Coleman was boasting about cutting crime when an FOI request by this blog revealed that he'd not even had one meeting with the local Police to discuss reducing crime. 

Those are the only things Boris and Brian Coleman can find to boast about. Is he a Mayor for the Outer Boroughs? Has he delivered anything there that has significantly changed your life for the better?

If that is the sum of his efforts and the sum of how effective Brian Coleman has been as GLA rep, it is all a bit embarrassing, isn't it?

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Morris Hickey said...

Well he was in Redbridge on Saturday, and is here again today.

I shall vote for Boris - but Evans can go and whistle.