Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Barnet Eye announces the Cash for Din Dins initiative

Ok, so David Cameron has explained to the Country, via the Sunday Times, how you get policies changed. Everyone in Barnet knows that the only person on the Council with any real power is Brian Coleman and rather fortuitously, he is rather partial to a free dinner. It's only March and he's already bagged ten free dinners on his GLA Free dinner list - - and a whopping £200 free dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel on his LFEPA free dinner list - - No wonder that old chunkychops is looking as well fed as ever.

But why, oh why, should it only be the great and good who get to fete our Brian? Why can't the ordinary man on the street get to enjoy a slap up meal with Our Brian? The Barnet Eye has decided that it's time that everyone should get to share in the fun. We have come up with the idea of a fantastic "Cash for Din Dins" raffle. The rules are simple. We will limit this to the first thousand people in Barnet to enter. For the measly sum of £1 you can get the opportunity to have a night out on the town with Brian Coleman. We will arrange the hire of a taxi for the evening, with the clock left running as you scoff down dinner, in true Brian Coleman style. You can eat dinner with him at any venue he chooses and any cash left, he can stick straight in his pocket ! We expect this offer to be extremely popular, so make sure you register early.

You may never again get the opportunity to have such a fantastic night out.

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