Friday, 23 March 2012

Dangerous dogs? Nope, stupid owners

The  radio was awash with tales of dangerous dogs, following the case of a crazed pit bull which ran amok and savaged five policemen - The sad truth is that this incident says more about dog owners than dogs. I know a bit about dogs. They are not humans, they are animals. They operate on a simple set of rules. If you set the rules in such a way that they are dangerous, then they will be dangerous. Unless a dog is mentally ill (which can happen), generally it can be trained to behave. Sadly the type of people who own status dogs such as Pitbulls, don't set the dog rules which are compatable with living in a safe society. The answer is simple, as far as I'm concerned. To own a gun or car, you need a license to show that you are responsible. The same rules should apply to dogs. If you don't look after the dog, you lose your license, end of.

 I wouldn't mind paying a few quid a year, so that all of the idiots who don't care for the animals are regulated. I've got a dog, a boxer. She's a lovely animal. I don't want her to be brutalised by another dog, so it would please me if idiots were banned from keeping dogs.

It isn't ever the dog, it is the owner.


Scarlett Cannon - Heavenly Healer Glamorous Gardener said...

Oh, I am beyond envious that you have a boxer - one of my all-time favourite breeds.
Back in the 80s when I was a first time dog owner I had a licence. They were phased out some years later but I can't recall when. I think all responsible dog owners would gladly pay a few pounds for a dog licence.
Or we could chip the idiot owners instead!

Angry dad said...

My daughter was walking with me in Halliwick Park N10 on Tuesday 3 April when a dog appeared behind us and took a bite at her leg. The person with the dog said she was walking someone else's dog, to make things simple I believe all dogs need to be banned from the children's parks. Her safety is more important than dog owners right to walk their dog.

Karen said...

On Wednesday night myself and my little dog were attacked by an American bulldog whilst we were walking home from my mum and dad’s house. I fought with this dog for a good ten minutes trying to protect my little dog until three men saved us, it was the most terrifying experience ever, I got off with a bite to my face, grazed knees, and bruises on my arms and back and my little dog survived. I now find out that the same dog killed sheep belonging to a local farmer not long ago. How can I blame a dog that has been nurtured by a drug addict/drug dealer? Why the hell are these people allowed to have animals? The police are involved but if I make too much of a fuss the dog gets destroyed and the man then gets another dog to bring up in this barbaric way. The only thing that suffers is the animal that just falls into the wrong hands and every other one of these dogs and owners gets a bad name. The law stinks. After going through the shock and upset I am just so angry.