Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Councillor Robert Rams - "I have built an imaginary library"

A big round of applause for Councillor Robert. He's built a new library for the people of Barnet. Hooray you may say. Where is it, you may ask? Well here's the really amazing thing. It is in his brain !

Wow, I hear you say. Clever little Bobby. He's found the one place in Barnet where there is plenty of empty and unused space. Maybe he could build a couple of new schools there, whilst he's at it. I'd quite like a new pub as well. Now you are probably thinking "What on Earth is the Barnet Eye on about?". Well good old Robert posted a most extraordinary post on Twitter this morning. It said :-

: Libraries facing 'bleak future' ” Not in Barnet, More spent on books, new libs built, all open longer

I'm intrigued to visit all of these new libraries. It's funny because the only news I'm aware of on the Library front is the closure of Friern Barnet Library. Maybe I just lack imagination !


baarnett said...

Given the hostility his decisions have produced, he lives in a parallel universe if he thinks there's political mileage to be obtained by publicising his actions.

On the contrary, "a period of silence on his part would be welcome".

Morris Hickey said...

"......an imaginary library".

Well I have an imaginary Robert Rams! He is about 14, wears short grey trousers, knee length grey socks that fall half way down the legs, and a dark school blazer. He carries the traditional school satchel with the strap over his left shoulder and the bag on his right hip.

Little Robert is very much the school creep and hero worships his teacher, who has a striking resemblence to London Assembly Member Roger Evans. Robert is ever eager to carry out teacher's wishes, even to the point of sending bullying emails requiring somebody to submit all emails to him and not to address them directly to teacher, who never responds anyway.

Robert is a silly little boy who fails to understand his position as a lackey and tries to play at being the teacher - a role that is clearly not his.

Lindsay said...

I belive you made an error, Rog, you mentioned an imaginary library in Cllr Rams' brain. What brain would that be?