Friday, 16 March 2012

Councillor Robert Rams and A Tale of Two Posters

It's all down to trust. Should someone who holds public office tell the truth.

Please read this exchange of Twitter messages between myself and Councillor Robert Rams. Sorry if it's a bit hard to read.

Let me briefly explain what happened. Councillor Rams has banned leaflets for the community film "A Tale of Two Barnets" from the Boroughs Librarys. He claimed that he asked for posters to be reinstated. He asked for an example of a library in Barnet where the poster had been removed. I had dropped  off a colour poster to Mill Hill Library. It wasn't there on Thursday morning. I stated Mill Hill.

At 10.39am today Councillor Rams tweeted that he was stood in Mill Hill Library looking at the poster. I immediately sprinted the short distance from my house to the Library. No sign of Rams, so I asked the staff if he'd left. "He's not been here, he may be coming later". Now this is there political master, the bloke who runs the Barnet Library service. So we have Councillor Rams saying he was in the library at 10.39 and his staff telling me, five minutes later, they'd not seen him. Here is the full audit trail of Twitter messages. Was Rams telling Porkies? Were the staff at Mill Hill Library winding me up? They certainly didn't seem as if they were.

Of course all public buildings have CCTV, so it will be very easy for Rams to prove, one way or the other.

can you show me where these posters have been taken down? Flyers have been removed, but I'm told no posters have

Robert has such presence that he can float in and out unnoticed.


Morris Hickey said...

Becoming obsessed? It is clearly HE who is obsessed - with his own self-importance.

Stupid little twerp. A schoolboy who can't grow up.

Moaneybat said...

He has a rather appropriate surname for a sheep with brains, Rams!