Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Tale of Two Barnets - Local Screenings & Nick Walkley interview

Last night we kicked off our series of local screenings at St Johns Church in Barnet. Following on from the hugely successful screening at the Phoenix last week, I was looking forward to seeing how the film went down in a "more intimate setting".  Whilst we didn't have three hundred people, we did have a good turnout and a lively debate afterwards. With the press coverage of the film, people were aware of the comments by the Leader of the Council. I explained the terms under which the interview was conducted. Richard received the questions a couple of weeks before the screening, had a press officer with him and then we offered to show him the film and hear his comments. I also stated that we'd put the whole interview up on the film website.

Strangely, we've had no comment at all from Richard. I think that maybe he is embarrassed and realised he'd jumped the gun with his comments. It would be nice to hear him acknowledge this

The debate went on for an hour. People genuinely seem to respond positively to the film, one guy bought three copies of the DVD ! Why not come down to todays screenings. Here are the locations

Wednesday 28th March 1-2 PM
New Barnet Community Centre,
48/50 Victoria road,
New Barnet, EN4 9PF

Wednesday 28 March - 7 pm
Greek Cypriot Community Centre
2 Britannia Road,
North Finchley,
N12 9RU  ‎

The full interview with Nick Walkley, Barnet Council CEO has now been released.

There are details of further screenings at the film website

See you later hopefully!

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Mr Mustard said...

The Press Office might have put the critical words into his mouth and Corny foolishly used them.

That was the case when Cllr Thomas complained that a blogger had cost the council £40 in answering FOI questions and had to admit that he didn't have proper costings.