Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Tale of Two Barnets - ITV Tonight program to feature footage on Thursday night

For everyone who attended the Premiere of A Tale of Two Barnets last night, I have received some very exciting news. A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by the ITV "Tonight" program. They are making a film called "How much is your council charging you?" and will be screened on Thursday night at 7.30pm. They were keen to see the footage of the film and will be featuring some of this in the their film. They also spoke to various people in Barnet about their experiences with the Council.

It is interesting to see that mainstream media is picking up on the themes we've spent the last year working on for "A Tale....". If you enjoyed the Premiere of the film, I'm sure you'll be interested in the Tonight program.

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baarnett said...

It's a wonderful phrase for leader Richard Cornelius to use: "I've set my expectations quite low."

We should all acknowledge that this decent but incompetent man has certainly delivered on his policy.