Tuesday 22 February 2011

Barnet Council - it's tough at the top !

La la la , la la la, Happy days are here again, read this extract from the latest £140,000 + job advert for Barnet Council :-

It is a really exciting time to be working for the London Borough of Barnet. We’ve always prided ourselves on actually realising the grand plans that we speak about.

As a public service, I've listed the full details here on the Future Shape blog :-


As Council Leader Lynne Hillan says "We're all in it up to our necks together".

As Barnet public services are put to the torch, it's great to know some people are getting nice exciting jobs

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baarnett said...

Well, according to a structure chart (age unknown) he has two deputies.

"Read it in the news:
(I shot the sheriff.) Oh, Lord!
(But I swear it was in self-defence.)
Where was the deputy? (Oo-oo-oh)
I say: I shot the sheriff,
But I swear it was in selfdefence. (Oo-oh) Yeah!"

Which may or may not be relevant to sing at the staff appointments committee.