Wednesday 9 February 2011

Has Harper got into bed with Mark Shooter?

Further to the crisis meeting reported here between Councillor Andrew Harper and Councillor John Marshall, a phonecall from a source within the Chipping Barnet Conservative Party gave some rather interesting extra details. It appears that a third Councillor was present. Who was it? Sadly the sourse declined to say, other than "it was one of the new intake of Councillors".

So who would Harper and Marshall invite to a crisis meeting to discuss a cataclysm of this scale? Well logic would suggest that there is only one person who fits the bill - could it be Mark Shooter, who lost the leadership election by one vote last year. It cannot be beyond the wit of Harper to realise that if he defected, Shooter would take over and he'd be able on to his job as deputy Leader. Apparently they can have another Leadership contest in May.

Expect a change soon


Mrs Angry said...

ah yes, but Harper probably wants to be leader himself ... as Shooter is the only Tory to come out and criticise the One Barnet crap, we have to hope, for the good of the borough, (as frankly who gives a damn about the state of the Tory party other then the effect on us all) that Shooter's point of view prevails, and the bunch of fools who have pushed us to the brink of disaster are deposed.

baarnett said...

Mrs Angry - Ed Balls wanted to be leader himself, but that didn't mean it happened. (He could now be one of those who might be elected deputy, but never, ever, a leader.)

So with Harper, perhaps.

He has experience of the Barnet machine (much of it routine, and much of it, we should admit, therefore valuable work) but he nailed his colours to the mast of the doomed Hillan regime.