Saturday 5 February 2011

Save Barnets Libraries Campaign - News from the Edgware stall

Just back from a great morning on our "Save The Libraries" stall at Edgware. As you can see the campaign has touched people of all ages. The star of our demo today was Josie (in the photo to the left) She made her own placard and insisted that her mum bring her down to Edgware so she could show some solidarity. I'm pleased to report that her mum rewarded the hard work with a nice hot drink and a cake from the Broadwalk Centre.

Josie understands how important the library is. She told me just how much she enjoys going down and choosing books with her mum. My own children also make use of our local library at Mill Hill and that is why I'm involved in this campaign.

The people who were queuing up to sign the petition all morning get it. The thousands who have already signed the petition get. I've spoken to pensioners, Rugby players, War veterans, Teachers, Book Publishers, Nurses and plumbers on the stalls.

They all get it. In fact the only people who don't seem to get it are the people in our Councils and other Councils around the Country. They seem to have a problem understanding that we love our libraries.
 Anyway, I am going to adopt Josies picture as my campaign logo. If it wasn't for the fact that like all good children, shes sound asleep when they have Council meetings, I'd have asked her mum to bring her to the next meeting to explain to Councillor Robert Rams, in language he could understand why we need our library :^)


baarnett said...

Guardian Diary mentions our beloved council, here (second item).

Mrs Angry said...

hmm, except they ought to know it was actually Mr Reasonable who spotted it in the first place ...