Wednesday 9 February 2011

Doh - it's Matthew Offord MP again

Manuel Offord MP - Parliaments fave soup waiter has been at it again - the latest in a long line of Twitters showing his brilliant mind (More hilarity at :-


  1. Good discussion with Boris on my amendments to the Police Bill last night. Certainly have his support.

Sorry to break the bad news Cap'n, but Boris is the Mayor of London, he doesn't actually have a vote in the commons when it comes to getting your amendment through. Tip - try lobbying people who can actually vote next time.


baarnett said...

Perhaps he was talking to Boris while he was serving him the soup.

"Mr Boris - I knoow nooothiing-g."

APML said...

Que!!!!meester Offordo.There is one good thing about having Manuel as an MP,it is the 24 carat gold entertainment we all get.Shame all good things come to an end,sooner rather than later.....