Tuesday 14 March 2017

Barnet Council - is wasting your council tax your cup of tea?

Sometimes I just find myself bemused by Barnet Council. There was me thinkng that Barnet Council were reeling under the weight of Budget cuts and austerity?  We've seen the childrens library closed, meals on wheels abolished and all manner of cuts to adult social care. But the council can still aford to employ people to tweet useless information. Not only that but they are tweeting it at 8.30pm at night. So it seems they are paying people to spew out this nonsense around the clock.

Is it just me, or do we really need a council paying people to post this rubbish? I wonder if they are on overtime? It is  a matter of public record that Barnet Council hate Association Football, but  do they really have nothing better to do on a Monday night when most sensible people were watching the FA Cup quarter final between Chelsea and Man U on BBC 1?

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