Tuesday 21 March 2017

Barnet Tories gear up for an election, Barnet Labour gear up for a civil war

Yesterday I got a paid advery on my Facebook feed from the Barnet Conservatives. The Tories are not mugs, they don't waste money. This can only mean one thing. An election is in the air. As for Barnet Labour? They have more important things to worry about, such as the civil war in the Labour Party. It beggars belief that as the Tories are planning what may be the most important election in our lifetime, Labour is only able to kick lumps out of their fellow comrades. I will resist the urge to point fingers at the Blairites, the Brownites or Momentum. They resemble a football team where the left winger would rather the opposition score than pass to a team mate on the right. Labour are now a basket case, they are no longer a serious party. They have no unified position on any important issue. As such, they are allowing the hard right of the Tory party to destroy the country. The hard right are not stupid. They know that with Labour in disarray, it represents a unique opportunity to grab power.

If Labour does not wake up and smell the coffee, they will be guilty of letting a very dangerous genie out of the bottle.

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