Monday 20 March 2017

George Osborne - Just the latest Russian patsy politician?

It has been reported that George Osborne has become the new editor of the Evening Standard. There are many questions, not least how can someone do a full time job and represent their consttuents. But there is a deeper and more disturbig question. Why did the Russian billionare owner of the Standard appoint a man with no experience at all of editing or journalism to run his paper. What on earth could justify a £220,000 a year salary?  Last week, we saw Donald Trump, another Politician with a questionable relationship with Russia attack GCHQ. Anyone who knows anything about Russia, knows that GCHQ is seen by the Russians as threat no 1 to their global ambitions. Whatever you may think of Osborne, it is unquestionably true that having an MP on the payroll is a very useful thing for Russia and its ambitions.

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