Friday 10 March 2017

Huge railfreight depot being built in Cricklewood without planning permission

On my daily journey into London every day, I've recently been intrigued by a major construction project in Cricklewood. A large fence is in the process of being erected to hide what is going on. The work started a couple of months ago, but when I checked it out I could find no details of what it was for. I checked again yesterday and found a planning application was submitted on 27th Feb for a "rail aggregates depot" - - I was shocked to see that it was only submitted on 27th February and is in a state of "pending". Therefore this work is being performed without planning permission. I took a video from the train yesterday 9/3/2017 for posterity to record the state of works.

What doesthis entail? The travel plan reveals that it will be an aggregates depot and will process 10,000 tons of aggregates a week, entailing 350-500 lorry deliveries -

That is up to 100 lorries a day turning onto the Edgware Road. That is huge. How can this be started without planning permission. One rule for them and one for us?


Paula said...

Have you tried planning enforcement? According to the local papers, a newly built house in East Barnet is going to be demolished because it breached its planning permission: Barnet Times

baarnett said...

Barnet gave away the whole Brent Cross and Cricklewood area to developers in 2002, and hasn't cared a jot since then.

Anonymous said...

Please could you take some more videos and also some photos if possible. Very distressed railway terraces dweller.

Huw Pryce said...

Just how close to the socially cleansed West Hendon development is this? Could it be that providence has decided to enforce affordability on the place?