Thursday 2 March 2017

I, Daniel Blake - Screening at The Phoenix Cinema with Q&A with Ken Loach

Ken Loach taking questions at The Phoenix
On Tuesday night I was priveliged enough to attend the Phoenix cinema for a screening of I, Daniel Blake, directed by Ken Loach. Like a few commentators I have issues with the film, however mine seem to be a bit different from most of the right wing commentators who have criticised the film. My main criticism is that Ken Loach has made a film that is too cheerful, too hopeful and too full of the triumph of human spirit over uncaring systems. It seemed to me that Daniel Blake was only robbed of his victory by a heart attack, when he had heart problens in the first place. Of course the crap he went through didn't help, but he had hope. Through my work with the homeless and this blog, I know that many have no hope. The female character was able to seemingly get herself together, after a period on the game. She wasn't murdered, beaten up, on drugs and didn't have her kids taken away, which is often the case. There was no evidence that she got an STD either.

Of course Ken was right to make the film and it is a brilliant film, but it didn't show the suicide, the depression and the despair of homeless people,w ho have lost everything.

Having said that it was a great night and good to see a packed house.

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