Sunday 12 March 2017

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet - 12/03/2017

Some weeks it is easy to put this together. The only issue is what to leave out. Seems like quite a lot going on in our little neck of the woods. Make sure to follow any tweeters who tickle your fancy!

1. We kick off with one of our friends, who is none to happy with the state of disrepair of Hendon Park.

2. Looks like someone is loving their job. Be warned if you are speeding in Burnt Oak!
3. If a bit of folk in Colindale tickles your fancy (or anything else) check out the Colindale folk club!
4. Nice to see the Council appreciate residents when they do their job for them!
5. "It's like the wild west up there in High Barnet!"
6. Regular readers will know, we love a bit of local history tweeting. This is top notch!
7. The most famous baker in the Borough is taunting us with his chicken and chorizo pasties. It doesn't help that we've given up meat for lent!
8. Barnet Rebel is feeling frisky as spring is here!
9. Another bit of interesting local historic tweeting!

10. And finally! The bi-annual Mill Hill Music Festival has announced its programme for June and it is a cracker! Do make sure you check it out

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