Wednesday 12 April 2017

A memo to President Trump regarding his press secretary's comments re Adolf Hitler

Dear Mr President,

In light of your press secretary commenting that 'Hitler didn't use poisonous gas on his own people' and that 'Assad attacked innocent civilians' when asked to clarify his statement, please consider the following.

1. Hitler was responsible for more deaths of innocent civilians by poisonous gas than any other person in history.
2. All civilians are considered innocent under the Geneva convention and the action of Hitler's regime using poison gas to kill Jews, Gypsies, homosexual etc is legally recognised as a crime against humanity.
3. Your press secretary made his offensive remarks during Passover, a season when Jewish people across the planet are in prayer and reflecting on their struggles over the centuries. As such it is even more offensive.
4. The USA has rightly been at the forefront of ensuring that the Regime of Adolf Hitler is recognised as the most abhorrent and evil regime in the history of the planet. For a US President to allow a press secretary to continue in post after such crass comments is unthinkable.

I urge you to sack your press secretary with immediate effect and make it clear to all that your administration fully understands the evil nature of Hitler's regime and the unparalleled evil it committed.


Roger Tichborne

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