Thursday 27 April 2017

Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum AGM

Last nightI attended the AGM of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum at Hartley Hall. The chairman John Gillet gave a fascinating presentation detailing the various plans and schemes involving the redevelopment of Mill Hill. This lasted over an hour and as it progressed, it became crystal clear jist how much the nature and character of Mill Hill is under attack. Mill Hill is a leafy suburb, much of it covered by Green Belt and Conservation areas. We have several landmark buildings and in the University of London Observatory, a world class scientific institution.

He outlined how two massive schemes are with the Mayor of London for determination as to whether they are detrimental to the local area. John showed a series of slides which graphically demonstrated the sacle of this. Have a look at them.

It is important to engage in your local community. Find out more about The Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum here -

This is the only way we can preserve the character of our homes.

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Paula said...

Just to let people know that Barnet Council have not yet referred the Hasmonean planning decision to the London Mayor. I emailed Andrew Dismore about it and he said he is chasing it up - it should have been done as soon as the decision was made. London Mayor still has the final say so if anybody hasn't objected yet and wants to, have a look at Green Belt Destruction for more information.