Thursday 20 April 2017

Is Facebook worse than heroin?

I'm not joking, I'm quite serious. I'm starting to think Facebook should be classified as a dangerous drug and one that is perhaps more corrosive than class A drugs such as heroin. Why? Here's a few reasons

1. It's legal
2. It's highly addictive.
3. It radically alters peoples behaviour.
4. It causes anti social behaviour.
5. It damages friendships and family life.
6. It places vulnerable people in the way of harm.

Let me put the evidence as I see it.

It is quite clearly legal. There are no constraints on who can join and few constraints on what people can say and post. Sexually explicit pictures are banned, but more or less anything else is allowed. Of course we live in a society where free speech is valued, but we place legal constraints on drugs, because they damage society, so maybe we should have a long hard think on how we legilsate for social media. It is bizarre how people who resent intrusions into their privacy plaster all manner of personal information on social media.

2. It''s highly addictive. Not for everyone, but neither is heroin, cocaine or other illegal drugs, some people are casual users. There are, however people who seem to become completely obsessed with facebook and get edgy and nervous when they can't access it or post trivia about there life. I am sure any of us who has used it know people who become completely obsessed.

3. It definately alters peoples behaviour. I have a few friends who I've seen a complete transformation in their personality following facebook addiction. Some seem to have become obsessed with all manner of odd political causes, having previously shown no interest at all in the subject.

4. It causes terrible anti social behaviour. We all know people who harrass people and behave in the most awful way on social media platforms. The term troll is sadly one which we have had to learn to live with. There are also people who seem obsessed with reposting the most horrible material, posting pictures of animals and people suffering all manner of awful treatment. Often this is accompanied with "OMG, isn't this awful". Yes it is, don't repost it and encourage them.

5. Friendships and family life has been damaged for many people. This may be because partners hook up with exe's, it may be because disputes start over trivial subjects when people take umbrage at trivial comments.

6. Sadly many vulnerable people see Facebook as the windows to the world, as with everything else, there are predators out there who see Facebook as a useful tool. The company seems to have no interest in addressing these issues. For me, this is perhaps the most dangerous feature of all.

Do you agree?

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CalvinCasino said...

Great point Roger.

I am not sure 🤔 but I think we are consciously guilty of using social media platforms not just FB (Facebook). We are aware that there are problems & danger out there in the net (internet).

Cat-fishing (Luring someone into a relationship by adopting a fictional online persona. In other words, tricking you into believing that the profile picture is real when it is not an picture of real person especially if it is an celebrity). I do not mean catfish as in "type of fish".

Online stalking.


Abusive online messages.

I could go on forever but using soclai media sites like FB can be addicted as long we don't use it that much.