Sunday 9 April 2017

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 09/04/2017

So here it is, again. The tweets of the week. Not a bad selection, all things considered. Do remember to follow any of our tweeters, if you like the cut of the their gib, as it were!
Updated. I just noticed this tweet from TFL, which is possibly the tweet of the decade! I simply couldn't let this one pass!

1. The good news is that Burnt Oak library has reopened. The bad news is that the link in the tweet demonstrates just how badly the library service in Barnet has been decimated, especially for children who can't use the service in "Self Service" hours

2. We rather like this picture from 1911 of Hendon Aerodrome

3. Whilst we are on the historical picture theme, intrugued by this one of the Bohemia Cinema in Finchley. Anyone know any more about this cinema?

4. Whilst in Finchley, a rather intriguing poster appeared by Finchley Central Station. I really am slightly bemused by this? Anyone know how Madame Theresa is brothelising Britain?

5. As you know, we are supporters of Live music and are pleased to see another live venue has opened in Colindale, with Live Jazz! One we must check out

6. Nice to see Mill Hill's Lib Dems doing something useful and cleaning up the park!

7. I love this, the Rainbow flag recreated in carrots. I may grow some of these and make a carrot salad for the next LGBT extravaganza at The Chandos Arms in Colindale!

8. Barnet Rebel is keeping an eye on our Sparrows for us!

9. Fun and Frivolity in North Finchley!

10. Need to rehearse with your band, or do some private drum or piano practice? Youcan get 15% off studio time in Mill Hill

And here's a special bonus tweet! We suggest that this is one local tweeter everyone in the Borough should follow!

That's all folks!

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Mrs Angry said...

Disclaimer: I have not (yet) started business as a madam in Finchley Central

Regarding the Bohemia cinema, I believe it was actually in Finchley Central, and not North Finchley.