Saturday 8 April 2017

The Saturday List #124 - My Robert Elms London Weekender List!

This morning I was the London Weekender on The Robert Elms Show on BBC London 94.9.

Started off talking about the The Save London Music campaign.  As ever Robert is very supportive of the campaign.

Here is the list of thing to do!

1. Something to eat?
    My Choices :
    Breakfast -  A blogging Breakfast at Cafe Buzz in Finchley - A great quality full English
    Lunch -  Something tasty from one of the amazing stalls at Whitecross Street Market behind
                   Barbican, washed down with a pint in the Two Brewers
    Dinner - Romantic dinner with my lovely wife Clare at the Bleeding Heart in Farringdon,
                   a proper romantic venue!

2. Culture.
     I love a bit of afternoon theatre or cinema, much prefer it to evenings which are for music!
     So I'd combine both with an afternoon beam back to the Everyman in Barnet. The best
     I've seen is Collaborators with Simon Russell Beale. Most civilised with a bottle of wine!

3. Journey.
    Now this is easy. I do a shift as a volunteer at The Passage, a Homeless day centre in
    Victoria. I love to walk from The passage to Blackfriars Station, stopping for a look
    around Westminster Cathedral,  admiring the view from Lambeth Bridge. It is best
    done at low tide with a bit of beachcoming on the Thames. It can be extended down
     to Southwark Cathedral and Borough   Market

4. Something Adventurous.
     I'd love to drive a Thameslink Train from Mill Hill Broadway into St Pancras (the old
     bit      upstairs!). When they had the old diesel trains, you could sit at the front and see
     the route ahead. Used to love where it went through the Belzise tunnel and watching
     the light emerge from the gloom. Id love to be the man at the controls just once!

5. A night out.
    Obviously music. We've got the Mill Hill Music Festival coming up, which will be great
     but the  thing I'm really looking forward to thios month is Texan Americana band Western Centuries playing at The Luna in Leytonstone. They are a sort of updated version of The
     Flying Burritto  Brothers. Love hearing and finding  new bands nd this promises to be a
     great night.

If you missed it listen again 2:36:18 -

Hope you enjoy the weekend!

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