Monday 10 April 2017

Is Elon Musk a Martian in disguise?

Over the weekend, I did two things. The first was business (well blog business) and the second was pleasure. I've been researching clean technology and air quality. One of my ambitions for the blog is to put clean air in Barnet at the top of the local agenda. As I was tapping away, it became clear that one of the leaders in clean technology solutions is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Solar City. Tesla make electric cars and Solar city make electricity from solar energy. I hit on the mad idea of inviting Elon Musk to the Borough of Barnet to see if he could help us develop a strategy to solve our air quality issues. Why not persuade him to make Barnet the place to showcase his technology? Why not take holistic approach and work with the local authority to make Barnet the cleanest suburb of a major city on the planet? What's in it for him? Billions of dollars in cash, as once the case is proven, everyone will simply have to buy into it.

Here's a few ideas, which I intend to propose.

1. Solar electric generation on all public buildings and on major roads/railways with panels also acting as sound diffusers, reducing ambient noise from M1 and other major roads.

2. Council to adopt Tesla electric vehicles for all corporate vehicles where possible.

3. Persuade Mr Musk to help develop and find the Bent Cross light rail scheme, using solar/Tesla technology.

4. Develop AI software to help combat poor air quality, by developing apps etc which help people develop pollution reducing lifestyles. Also for companies, to reduce pollution footprint of businesses focussing on energy consumption and planning deliveries to minimise pollution.

From researching Mr Musks business it is clear that all four strands are well within the capabilities of his companies remit.

As I said at the start of the blog, that was the business activity. The leisure activity was to indulge my Bowie fascination. As I was doing my research, I was watching the 1970's classic, The Man Who Fell To Earth.  This focussed on Thomas Jerome Newton, a Martian who appears and starts a company developing all manner of amazing technologies. With the billions generated, he starts building a spaceship for a mission to Mars. The parallels with Elon Musk and his plans for SpaceX and the colonisation of Mars are incredible. Is Mr Musk a Martian? Somehow I doubt it, but the idea did amuse me. More to the point, is Thomas Jerome Newton on his payroll? I hope so, Mars is a dead planet and we need to learn that dead planets are not a great aspiration for the future. We need to build a cleaner future, why not start here?

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