Sunday 16 April 2017

The tweets of the week 16/4/2017 in The London Borough of Barnet

Well, well, well - what have we got here then? It's our weekly fave - The Tweets of the week. What have our local twits been up to?

1. We start with Alan Wylie who looks at what could possibly go wrong with our unstaffed libraries

2. Just in case you were unsure of what area the Burnt Oak police patrol, they have helpfully tweeted a map. No surprises for guessing where its of!

3. Todays wildlife quiz question from Velella. Can anyone identify these?

4. Bit of a fire this week in Brent Cross. Looked a bit scary

5.Some great pictures of the Ionic Cinema in Golders Green from Richard Littler

6. Mill Hill is getting a new chippy! We can't wait! We've long missed La Carp D'Or

7.Live Music is always worth a plug. This time it's at Flames restaurant in Finchley!

8.Mark Amies is none too impressed with the neglect at Edgware Station

9. We love a well turned out garden in the spring?

10. And our local citizen of the year received his award at Mill Hill Music Complex

Thats all folks, have a great Easter Sunday!

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