Tuesday 11 April 2017

Assad is the lesser of two evils

Does the West never learn? Can anyone give a successor example of our meddling in the post colonial era? God alone knows how many zillion dollars have been spent trying to impose our views of government on people who are just ever more alienated and simply find new reasons to hate us and new ways to commit atrocities in the vain hope we'll leave them alone. I have no sympathy or love for Assad, but The chances of his successor being an improvement are about as high as mine of being the next centre forward for Manchester City. Whatever follows Assad is likely to be more chaos and more brutality. Clearly using chemical weapons is wrong. But to me it is no more wrong than carpet bombing civilians, torture and rape, all of which we tolerate. We are happy to support all manner of nasty dictators so long as they only use weapons to kill their own populations off our shopping list. We are complete hypocrites as we are pouring arms into the region.

I despise war and despots, but so long as the global arms trade flourishes nothing will change. The sad truth is that however evil Assad is, ISIS are worse. In the grown up world, my enemies enemy is my friend, however awful that truth is

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